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Where is Flirc Shipped from


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Sorry I was just itching for my Flirc, purely for the satisfaction of the Cancer research.......:)


Ok .... well .... mostly for the cancer research but also to get an angry Fiance off back about fumbling with Harmony One + SIIG Vista MCE Remote. And since USPS takes almost 24hours to update the dumb tracking site I figured I'd go to the source.


Now its in my hands and after doing an initial programming I have of course some questions and also suggestion (if I don't see it already mentioned) but Ill post that in the proper location.  




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I would ask myself how big this planet might be since I ordered FLIRC more than a month ago and still did not receive nothing. I just hope that it is not shipped in a bottle across the ocean... :unsure:

What can I do to start using FLIRC? Order another one and hope that it will swim faster? Old continent named Europe seams to be too far away...



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Hi, I'm in the UK. I purchased my flirc from the UK distributor ModMyPi and received it the next day. Just thought I'd post in case any Brits are contemplating a purchase and are worried about delivery times.

Thanks for posting. This is why we are using distributors now instead of sending them all from the U.S.


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