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Flir app doesn't works on Windows 8 or Mountain Lion(10.8.2)


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Flirc definitely works on Mountain lion without any drivers. Thats where I do all my development. Windows 8 has a current workaround: https://flirc.clarify-it.com/d/epnthl

I'm working hard on a fix for windows 8. I actually have a contract out on rentacoder to help make me a signed driver. So sorry for the trouble krnsripati, glad you are up and running and happy new years.

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windows 8 fix updated, let me know.


I've been following a workaround to install the drivers in Windows 8.

Plus the application does not work.


Are you saying you have fixed both issues?

And does that mean there will be a flirc 0.97 release with these fixes?

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Having issues with OSX 10.8.4, myself. Plug in the device, both the keyboard and trackpad on my 2011 MBP go dead (or nearly dead). Machine becomes unusable. Flirc software does not detect device. Update Firmware option won't work, asks me to connect device.


I do now see "Microsoft Nano Transceiver v2.0" in System Report, so something's kinda working. A bit. :)




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Those Vendor ID's don't match Flirc's one.


Are you connecting through a hub?

Is this with the flirc software running?


After a while I get those symptoms a bit on my mac but from the flirc software - not the Flirc itself.

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No hub, just plugged into the side of the MBP. Remove it, the MS IR entry disappears. Doesn't matter if the Flirc software is running, the keyboard and trackpad go nutsy. No big deal, as I've moved past the MBP issue ...


I got the Flirc device to show up immediately on both a Windows and a Linux machine, and tried the learning process on each. I could usually only get through programming a few keys before the app would ask me to reconnect the device. Even after getting all the keys programmed, it seemed that only Up and sometimes Right were ever successfully learned. Overall I had no luck getting Flirc to work for me at all. Sent a support request early last week, haven't heard back.

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This isn't good is it - very sorry. Something seem to be wrong on the Flirc.


On the windows computer that you're getting a connection to the Flirc with can you try re-uploading the stable firmware (version 1.0): http://blog.flirc.tv/library-version-history/

Then clear the configuration using the Flirc gui (file --> clear configuration)


Does Flirc work after this?


Sent a support request early last week, haven't heard back.

Jason deals with these.

Don't worry, sometimes we're a little busy (as Flirc is not something we take a salary from) but we will make sure we get you set up with a happy working Flirc.


Thanks Mr Fish

(Awesome name!)

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The device works better after re-flashing the firmware. No more MS IR when attached to the MBP, but the keyboard and trackpad still go a little goofy.


When training on Windows, the device no longer disconnects, but training each key seems to take 3-10 attempts before each will stick. The UI says it learned the code, but it's not actually in there from what I can tell. Seems that if I get the "this key already programmed" dialog, I know it's in there. Otherwise I have to do it again and again and again.


I've been verifying which keys are successfully trained by opening notepad and pressing some remote buttons. The numeric keys are learned the first time, every time. Arrow keys are about a 50% success rate, and the transport (play, ff, rew, etc) are about 10% success.


I hope this info helps you guys out in some way, but I think I'm done hammering on it. I'll wait to hear back from Jason re RMA.

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Sorry I've been mia.


If this is a universal remote, the arrow keys may be activating a different device on the remote (tv) instead of VCR if that's what it's set to. There is no reason that keyboard arrow keys would give you a harder time numeric buttons. It's a remote issue.


Can you post your configuration?

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I initially started with my Sony RM-VL610 universal remote, which has been programmed from an MS Xbox Media Remote (http://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/mediawiki/images/9/93/Extender_remote_schematics_2_fullscreen_video.jpg). After trying that a few times, I eliminated that potential stumble and broke out the actual MS remote. That didn't act any differently, so I went all the way back to the MS Xbox DVD Remote (http://wiki.xbmc.org/images/4/42/Xbox-dvd-remote-global.jpg). No change.


Correct me if I'm drawing the wrong conclusions, but if I can program the same button over and over again, that means it's not being stored, correct? Only when I see the "this key already programmed" dialog do I know that that key has been learned? If that's true, I'm seeing a very low rate of success in just the learning stage of the process. Whether it's the remote or not, it's what I have.


It wouldn't shock me to learn that these particular remotes work on some goofy, standard-snubbing frequency, but they're what I have. If the Flirc wasn't designed to work in my environment, no harm/foul. I'll seek out other IR solutions (or go RF). If I end up needing to buy a new IR remote kit, I might as well opt to use its receiver, ultimately eliminating the need for the Flirc.


The other option is to see if someone can build me a cfg for this remote setup, that I can then just push onto the Flirc.


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It wouldn't shock me to learn that these particular remotes work on some goofy, standard-snubbing frequency, but they're what I have.

In the case of Windows (MCE & xbox etc) remotes they toggle between two different keys for the same remote control press (something to do with detecting if someone has walked in the line of signal I think).


The remotes should work, Jason will take a look at the configuration file (he knows way more than me) and will be able to offer a solution.


Sorry your flirc isn't going as smoothly as it does for other users :(

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