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Cannot get Flirc to recognize my Gen1 device (win10)


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So it seems this may be an issue; Gen1 Flirc with Win10.   I already attempted to follow this thread to no avail.  I will continue trpoubleshooting, but was wondering if there were any other things I could try?  

Would it help if I tried loading a Live USB of Ubuntu or something, and attempting to load up the software that way?

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Win10 seems to know the device is there, it makes the noise when its plugged in and unplugged.   In Devices Manager it shows libusbK USB > flirc.   Just that the software never changes to a happy face.  

EDIT: turns out I have a dual boot Linux Mint 19 that i completely forgot about.   I went into there, ran the Debian installer, ran the Flirc util, then when I plugged in the device it came back with "do you want to update the firmware from 1.2 to 3.11"   After that it came up fine in my linux distro.  I wonder if Windows will see it fine now as well.

EDIT2: Now Win10 sees my device.   Earlier I did have to use that Zagit utility but I still was getting the disconnect device, but now I get the driver and the device recognized.  

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