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Hi All,

Just got the two Flirc devices I ordered earlier this week. The one I used with my Samsung TV remote worked perfectly. I let my parents know mine worked like a charm and told them I would bring the other Flirc device to get them going, but unfortunately their remote freaked out.

I went through the minimalist set up and all seemed well for about two button presses and then the cursor would just start rolling like crazy as if I was holding down a keyboard arrow and it would stay that way for the majority of the time. I tried a half dozen or more times with the same result.

Anyone else experiencing this sort of thing with this (or any) remote? (see attachment for remote/type)




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That happened to me on the first Flirc I used, but programming it from the command line on a Linux system seemed to help (although in the end it did turn out that my first Flirc was faulty). I don't know if you've got a Linux box to test from or woud like to try testing from Windows command prompt, but it may help isolate the problem.

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