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Specific buffer input for send_ir_raw on flirc_util


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Firmware Detected
 Version: v4.6.3v4.6.3
    SKU:     Flirc 2.0 [nemo]
    Branch:  master
    Config:  release
    Hash:    0x93A109D3

Hello everyone.

As mentioned on all of the tutorials, I enabled the debuging, read my data from the remote of my AC, and got this code:


As you can see, it is smaller and it does not start with a 0.

When I try to send it with send_ir_raw, this is the message I get:

[E] util/flirc_util/src/ir_transmit.c send_ir_raw(76): buffer incorrect

Does anyone know what the difference is or how the tool calculates the validity of the buffer? If the receiver receives the code, why cant he send it trough?


Anyway, thank you all!

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