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is it possible to see what has been mapped to a key? Or delete a mapping?


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I have just changed from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and would like to be able to check what some of my commands are mapped to.  I had quite a few custom ones that I used a dummy device on my Logitech remote to make work, but I didn't note down what I used at the time!

I can't seem to find a way to delete a mapping either.

I looked at the saved cfg file and saw it only contains about 20 characters?!  Surely this doesn't contain all my numerous saved mappings?



My problem is I want to remove the mapping to the wake/suspend key, as I have an issue where there is no video output after the PC wakes from sleep (driving me mad!).  Easiest fix for now is not allow it to sleep at all.

I can't remember if I mapped it to the sleep/wake key on the "Media Keys" remote or the "Full Keyboard" remote wake key.  I thought I'll just clear mappings for both these keys but doesn't seem to be possible?  Instead I remapped them both to something different, but a sleep signal is still being sent for some reason.

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Does "flirc_util.exe delete" delete ALL mappings?  Or can you delete individual ones?


Here is what I got in my mappings...

Recorded Keys:
Index  hash        key
-----  ---------   ---
    0  F83CB14D    suspend
    1  5DB5494D    F8
    2  8F64E9D8    left_cmd+right_alt 0
    3  72830799    vol_up
    4  728306B2    vol_down
    5  889C594E    left_ctrl+left_alt Q
    6  7E5F114E    '
    7  F2A2A293    '
    8  434EC67D    backspace
    9  778821F1    backspace
   10  BAA8F8A5    backspace
   11  DF8AC2EE    backspace
   12  30D15701    8
   13  37E22EBB    left_ctrl V
   14  86870438    left_ctrl+left_alt V
   15  4C95354E    suspend


So there appears to be no reference to what "controller" the mappings have been set up on?  Or does this not matter?

I don't know why have multiple listings for both "suspend & "backspace"

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