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Multple buttons on remote trigger same key


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I configured the up button on my remote by executing "sudo flirc_util record up" and then pressing the up button. Now the up button on the remote triggers an up key press on the computer. But the down button on the remote also triggers an up key press on the computer, and so do a few other buttons on my remote. What does cause this problem and how to solve it?

Recorded Keys:
Index  hash       IK   ID  key
-----  --------   ---  --  ---
    0  87DD0EF9   023  01  up

I'm using XBian (based on Debian) Linux, Flirc 2.0 [dori], firmware 4.4.2 0xD60074C5.

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Hey mate.

Use the flirc_util tool to check whats bonded.

flirc_util keys

I would delete all the keys and rebind them again. But everytime you do that, after 1 bind, type flirc_utils keys to check whats going on.

It sounds more like a faulty remote then a faulty Flirc.

Good luck

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