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[XBOX dvd remote] button won't program


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I have a couple buttons (on my original Xbox dvd remote) that just won't take a programmed function. For example. The pause button works as the keyboard's "space" key. (confirmed with notepad) Since pressing play also pauses the media (and plays it again) I'd like to use the pause button for something else (namely "O" for on screen info in xbmc) but it just won't take it. Even though the flirc GUI says the button was successfully programmed, when I exit and go try it out, the pause button is still stuck as the "spacebar" key on a keyboard.

Also, my "title" and "info" keys on my remote also won't work, even though the GUI says they were successfully programmed (so the flirc must have received a signal.) But when I use them (in xbmc or in notepad) they don't do anything.

Any ideas?

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Sorry for going dark on y'all. I'll try to check out the suggestions soon. I'm thinking it's a microsoft thing, too.

The other problem with this remote is that it won't work from more than a few feet away, can't figure out why. It has brand new batteries in it. I don't have any other remote around right now to try. I moved recently and can't find my Harmony!!!! :(

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