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I'm using Home Theater Master MX-500 universal remotes with Amazon Fire TVs (v2) and Xiaomi MiBox 3's.  One app we're using on both is the Channels client app.  A couple of functions, commercial skip and last channel are handled by rapid key-presses (D-pad "right" and "enter," respectively).  We can't key them consistently.  So I was thinking "Hmmm... Flirc macros."

What I'd hoped to be able to do is have the remote's "next chapter" (>>|) cause the Flirc to emit two D-pad "right"s and the "previous chapter" (|<<) to emit two D-pad "enter"s, but I want the D-pad's "right" and "enter" to function normally.

If I'm reading the flirc_util documentation properly, it looks like this is not going to be possible, but I'm not certain.

Btw: Is Macro Usage -> Example 1: "hello" correct?  It show repeated use of "flirc_util record <letter>", as opposed to "flirc_util record <letter>", followed by multiple "flirc_util record_macro <letter>"s.

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There is no easy to follow Macro's how-to...     can someone get me started?   I need to make a macro that does: Down, Down, Right, Right, RIght, Enter        Im on windows.    Some example that shows how to do this from start to finish with all steps, and I'll be good to go for future macros.. lol  

There is a "Macros" setting in the GUI, but no clue how to use it either.


Yea, forums don't seem very active...    :-(

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