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FLIRC presses up arrow always even without GUI open and after a clear configuration


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I'm trying to configure my FLIRC USB device using a Windows 10 PC. As soon as I plug the FLIRC device into the PC the up arrow starts getting pressed. Even when I uninstall the FLIRC software this still happens. When I load the FLIRC GUI I can see that the up key is being pressed. When I choose to clear the configuration it stops, but as soon as I try to reprogram the up key gets spammed again and I'm unable to move forward.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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Hi Jason, thank you for the quick reply. Unfortunately, this doesn't help. Clear configuration briefly stops it from pressing the up key but as soon as I press the "Go" button under the Minimalist controller (or any of the keys) it starts doing it again.

I've also taken the batteries out of all my remotes just in case it was those sending codes.

Thank you.

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