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Anyone here uses Flirc and more than just one Media App?


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So I'm starting to realize the complexity of my setup when using Flirc because of lack of uniformity in keyboard shortcuts. Pretty puzzling to me that media app developers wouldn't use default shortcuts within a builtin app (WMC) for their own apps but I guess I have to work around that

Anyway, I use...

WMC - for pictures and music mostly because I'm not fond of music in XBMC

TMT5 - playback bluray folder rips

XBMC - all other video playback

I currently don't see of any way to properly control all of my apps without losing most functionality from one and having to change the other. For example, I can remap my shortcuts in XBMC to best suit TMT5 but that means WMC will mostly be problematic

Or am I wrong? Is there way around this?

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As XBMC is so awesome, you can change the keyboard controls. It requires a bit of effort but is easy enough - this way you can make XBMC controls similar to WMC.

For more info on this:

pleasant regards,


p.s. have you considered commenting on my new thread aimed to help new users? ()

Many thanks if you do!

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Will do but first want to get my set up working the way I want as I'm still very new to Flirc :)

Yeah, I can change XBMC to be more similar to WMC but that still leaves out TMT. I end up with very basic functionality if I don't make any changes

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I wonder; can you have two profiles on your remote - and program some buttons on the flirc twice. You would have to switch profiles (one profile for XBMC & WMC and the other for TMT5) on the remote but you could have the right buttons.

Does this make sense?

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I've done it the way Chris describes. My flirc is programmed to remember buttons from one remote device profile for XBMC and another profile for various shortcuts on my Mac. All I have to do is switch devices on the remote and flirc responds accordingly. But I'm pretty lucky in that the box I normally have my flirc connected to is an XBMCbuntu box and dedicated to XBMC.

As noted in the original post, if one of the apps you want to control allows it, you could customize the default keys. It's pretty easy to make XBMC's keys match any other app. So if you made them match TMT5, one profile could control both apps, and then a second device profile could control WMC.

A third, slightly more complicated option would be to use a keymap for XBMC that's similar to the one provided with XBMC for AppleTV. Since the Apple remotes only have 7 buttons, the XBMC team came up with a remote mapping that works very well using only those buttons. Their function changes depending on what you're doing (browsing menus, watching a video, paying music, etc.). There are also secondary functions called by long button presses, but I don't think flirc supports that part yet. Still, when you figure 5 buttons are the arrow keys and enter button (which should work with all apps), and total control of XBMC is possible with just those plus two other buttons, perhaps something like that is worth a try, as it would leave most of your other buttons free for the other apps.

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Thanks guys. I actually want to avoid having to use multiple profiles on my remote. It'll be confusing for someone else to use

With that said, I made some changes...

1) I reverted back to using the integrated WMC version of TMT. This allows me to use WMC shortcuts instead of TMT's which brings it down to just two apps I need to worry about

2) I remapped some of the keys in XBMC using the link you provided Chris. I got most of the functionality I want in WMC by adding the keyboard shortcuts to XBMC. The great thing is that I can still use the old keyboard shortcuts in XBMC even though I have the additional. This allows me to still use my iphone or ipad to control XBMC since the apps rely on the original keyboard shortcuts

Almost got this working the way I want. Now just need to work on sleep / wake :)

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