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Next gen flirc?


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There are few reasons why would you want to upgrade:

  1. Because of the hardware limitations of 1st gen, all new features will be only introduced to 2nd gen.
  2. Recently added support for long press and macros.
  3. Built-in IR LED which allows to send IR signals to other devices using command line util or through a released API.
  4. It's smaller and better looking :).
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Well, the wake up went through some significant changes, but I can't tell you with 100% certainty that 2nd gen is going to work better or worse in your case. The ability to wake the system up depends on many different components like motherboard, BIOS type and version, USB controller, power being delivered or not to USB ports on suspend/hibernate, the operating system, drivers and also other hardware being connected.

If you search through the forum you'll see that after 2nd gen has been introduced and the wake up functionality has been added in one of the firmware updates, there were a lot of problems with it, where the 1st gen worked properly. And the implementation followed USB guidelines for wake up. Also in some situations, on the same hardware, it worked under Linux but had issues under Windows. Fortunately these issues have been resolved.

I would say that if it doesn't work now (after all the work that went into that function), it's a high possibility that it's some issue with the computer or its configuration rather than the Flirc itself.

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