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Does flirc able to do Fn functions?

Eddie Strike

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Fn key is not a modifier key in the same sense as other modifier keys like ctrl, alt, shift. Normal modifier keys are being processed on the USB host device (your computer or other device you connect the keyboard or Flirc to). When you press for example ctrl + F, the keyboard sends hid code for key F with modifier code for ctrl.

Fn key is being processed on the controller which is built into the keyboard. When you press Fn + F12, the keyboard doesn't send hid code for F12 key anymore. It sends something that's dependant on the keyboard itself (different makers and models have different Fn functions on different keys).

In your case, the Fn + F12 is the media key for Play/Pause. You can find it in Flirc GUI in Media Keys controller.

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On 4/27/2021 at 2:29 PM, Pedrovski125 said:

Hi Mr. Yawor i´m new at this with Flirc but i wanted to create a key pressing using FN+F4 with on the full keyboard but i don´t know how to set it up. could you please explain to me how to do it?

Thanks in Advance

As he said, the fn button doesn't actually do anything, it just changes what command your keyboard sends. So if you can tell us what command fn+f4 on your keyboard sends, we may be able to help

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Hi i´ve sent a picture of my keyboard to show to you what that keys does and what command that keyboard sends to my pc. If you could help me out how to create a way to simulate that command keys to my flirc? Because i´m using Flirc to create a Infrared receiver to my Provider Box (Set Top Box), because my Set Top Box only Work with RF, and if you can aswell could you explain to me how can i share my configuration to my community so if anyone have the same problem an wants to sort it out the same thing he can use the profile that i´ve created. 

Very Thanks for the help in advance.


Esquema de Comando da Box da Nos.docx

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