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IR Receiver to Transmitter mapping


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I know support for IR transmission is currently quite limited, but it'd be quite useful if you could 'learn' a button from a remote, and then retransmit that when a different button is pressed.

The specific use case is to have one remote with all media buttons mapped for kodi, which obviously currently possible. What's missing is the ability to map the power button on the remote to an arbitrary IR transmit sequence on the Flirc dongle - this would allow it to be mapped to the IR sequence of the TV remote, doing away with the need for two remotes.

An additional case would be to make it so you could make the volume buttons control the AV reviewer, not the instance of kodi.  This could work well with the "long keypress" feature, so a normal press on the power/volume will be blasted to the TV/AV receiver, whereas a long press could be mapped to kodi.

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I found a way to do sort of do this in case you are comfortable using the CLI. (I'm also surprised this is not a native feature!)

First, go to Flirc GUI and there go to File > Device Log. Turn on the Enable IR debugging checkbox and press a key on your remote against the Flirc receiver. There will be a number of new lines. Ignore the ones starting with a colon and look for a line with a long sequence of numbers separated by commas. Note that this line will most likely be wrapped around into multiple lines and it usually (maybe always?) starts with a zero - the zero is the first number of that sequence but the line will likely break right after it. Cope the whole sequence into your keyboard.

Next up, find where the Flirc CLI is on your system, on macOS it is in /Applications/Flirc.app/Contents/Resources. Use your terminal to enter this directory and in it, run this command substituting your actual pattern from the Flirc GUI:

./flirc_util sendir --pattern="0,…"

This will replay the recorded sequence using the IR transmitter in Flirc. I was able to verify this works by using a remote-controlled LED strip and recording one of the color buttons and then changing the color to something else with the remote and replaying the original color IR sequence using Flirc CLI and the LED strip consistently switched back to the recorded color.

Hope this helps anyone! And also hope Flirc will kick the support up a notch, it almost seems like the product is abandoned :/ Which is a shame, because it is genuinely great.

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On 5/13/2022 at 1:49 PM, VinceB said:

I whipped up a very crude implementation of this.  It's online if it'll help somebody else get it working for them.


Awesome work, Vince!

I just came in to say that a Flirc paired with the upcoming Skip remote should make this unnecessary, but it's great to have an alternative if you don't want to get the Skip remote. 

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