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Lenovo key combination power on


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Hi noob here with a very specific question:

Devices: Lenovo Tiny, FLIRC, Logitech Harmony Companion.

The Lenovo pc will power on with key combination ALT + P if the FLIRC receives this combination while in the USB port that are able to start the pc like this.

How do it set it up? 

Harmony, how to create some key comb that does ALT + P and how to set up flirc to listen to this ALT + P and execute it.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction in advance :)

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I'm trying to do the same, but with a Dell Windows Media Center Remote (will also be trying with a Rosewell generic WMC remote when it arrives). The Flirc GUI shows the keypress when pressing the paired button on my remote, but does not appear to turn on the computer when I actually try it. Any thoughts?

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