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Firmware at 3.9 with GUI 2.5.2


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My Streacom Flirc is connected using GUI 2.5.2 but the firmware is at 3.9.0 and not at 4.1.0. Using the Gui to update the firmware it says 3.9.0 is the highest.

Tried also manually nothing found and the zadig tool timed out. The log says this "Error, unsupported device. Must have Flirc Gen2 enabled device and fw >= 4.1.0"

I am using Windows 10 Pro, Hope you can help me with this problem.

Kind regards


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44 minutes ago, Mark said:

Oke thank you I thought something was wrong. I recorded a button but it does not work yet. Now i know it is not the firmware it should be the power settings.

make sure you also wired the P+/P- signals to your motherboard. 

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Just now, Mark said:

Yes but also nothing with the enter keys and arrow keys. Another strange thing is that i can record from a pioneer remote but not from a philips remote

what's it say on the remote that doesn't work? Close the gui, usualy it's holding the device open.

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