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My buttons are going crazy fast after firmware upgrade


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10 hours ago, EvilWayz said:

Thanks I appreciate it. 

Okay, I've issued an update. Upgrade your firmware.

What's going on here is that your remote is overlapping with the built in streacom wmce remote profile. The easiest fix would be to disable that profile, however, I can't issue that update yet. Hopefully it'll be within a week.

The other way to fix it is to 'record over' those keys. But in testing your remote, it looks like I'm not actually recording over the built in rom buttons. This update fixes that. So record over all your buttons, and do it twice because these are those pesky buttons that have a toggle bit that flips on each successive button press. So record up, then record it again.

Do that for all your keys, problem should go away.

I can't fix the built in profile, because I don't believe all the WMCE remotes are made equally.

Let me know.

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You did the right thing clear your config. Record your buttons. That should be it. 

Explanation: If you clear your config, you'll notice your remote still works. That's because it's using the built in profile. When you record those buttons, you are effectively recording over the built in profile.

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several buttons have issues.  When you record, press and hold the button. It needs to see the second packet and when it doesn't, it saves a generic delay, which is 130. The Interkey delay is actually shorter than 130 on this remote, so it thinks you are lifting up and pressing the button again.

In other words, flirc_util settings, or filrc_util.exe settings 

find all the buttons with 130, and delete them, and re-record them. Problem will go away. I need to make a way to edit configs in the GUI, actually not very easy. I'm not good at the GUI stuff.

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Just now, EvilWayz said:

i dont understand what you mean when you say record them twice.

your remote sends out two different signals per button. Also, use the attached firmware, this is burning both our times. (disabling built in profiles).

Check which sku your device is in file->advanced.




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No, but you should see that every other button press on your remote works. This is because your remote sends out alternating patterns every time you press a button. So you have to record all the buttons twice. Record up. Record up. Record left, record left. etc. Problem should go away.

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