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Advanced Settings disabled?


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Just got a Flirc usb to hopefully use with a harmony 650 remote, but it seems that suspend / wake for a Windows 10 machine is not straightforward at all. Using v2.3.3 GUI, and the help said I have to change some settings in Advanced Settings, but everything is greyed out (attached image). Anyone know a solution for this?

Flirc usb + v2.3.3 GUI + Windows 10 64bit 



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I have exactly the same problem. Oddly, when I first installed the software under Win 10, these options were available. I didn't select any at the time because I didn't yet understand what they did. Now they are dimmed and unavailable as in the OP's screen cap

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Advanced settings are disabled for new Flirc (the metal one) as they are either not needed or not supported yet. The wake up is enabled by default and (at least at this moment) any recognised remote key (either for built-in Harmony Flirc profiles or for recorded buttons) should wake the PC. If it doesn't then it's probably something on the OS or hardware side that prevents it from doing it. Please check OS settings if USB devices are allowed to wake up you PC. You should confirm that the wake up is allowed in the Device Manager for Flirc.

You can also test it with a standard USB keyboard and check if it actually wakes your PC.

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