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  1. Using the same Harmony 650 remote. Can't seem to get suspend/wake working with the remote in Windows 10. My main intention is to bind the suspend / wake function to the Watch TV one button setting present in the 650 remote, so that my computer wakes up together with the TV and audio amp. Any other 650 users who got it working in this way? The harmony flirc profiles don't seem to have this function.
  2. Just got a Flirc usb to hopefully use with a harmony 650 remote, but it seems that suspend / wake for a Windows 10 machine is not straightforward at all. Using v2.3.3 GUI, and the help said I have to change some settings in Advanced Settings, but everything is greyed out (attached image). Anyone know a solution for this? Flirc usb + v2.3.3 GUI + Windows 10 64bit
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