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Flirc sendings multiple commands on single button press


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I have a first gen Flirc I've been using for years with a Mac and it's been flawless.  I recently switched to using it with a new Raspberry Pi 3 with the commands I'd recorded on my Mac.

Single key presses are sending the Pi multiple commands.  For example, the Pi sees "Command F1" as three separate commands:



# KEY_F1

I don't understand why the Pi sees Command F1 as alt (meta), but the real issue for me is that when I press the assigned button on my remote, my Pi is receiving three separate commands.  Every time I press the assigned button on my remote, Alt opens the menu, my KEY_LEFTMETA+KEY_F1 command is executed, and my Pi also does an F1.

If I connect the same Flirc to my Mac, that same button press only executes a Command F1 (as intended).

It gets even crazier with more complicated key presses.

My Mac with Flirc sees Control+Option+Command+F1 as one event.  Control+Option+Command+F1

My Pi with the same Flirc sees Control+Option+Command+F1 as all of the following (at the end of each item, 1 represents a key press, 2 represents a key hold and 0 represents a key release.  Even the slightest click of a button generates all three):










# KEY_F12    0

Any idea what's going on here and how to fix it?

I'm using a Sony universal remote, but I've tested this with other remotes and I get the same result: my Mac sees the one command I've programmed whereas my Pi sees each individual key press as a unique event.

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