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Flirc + Fire TV and URC MX-990 Finally WORK!!!


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Finally, finally, finally with the latest Feb 13, 2017 update EVERYTHING works perfectly  - Flirc + Amazon Fire TV and URC MX-990 !!!

Before this latest update, I had tried over a dozen times to get commands working, but would get a couple or a few to work , but never all at the same time. I had tried 3 different remote controls to lean from flir,c but never could get them to learn over to my URC MX-990. I was ready to throw the flirc in the trash can. Along comes this latest update yesterday and ALL is solved! Perfect the first time, EVERY command!  

Thank you Jason!



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I have installed 5 of these in my customers homes and I still seem to have some issues getting it to not hit repeated commands. I will press down a few times and it will then just keep clicking down until it either gets to the bottom or I press a key. It does this in all directions as well. Has done it on every box/flirc I have installed and cannot keep selling them if they continue to act in this behavior.

This is the new flirc and brand new 990 with the 350 base stations. 


I have changed the ir codes to only flash once instead of the default three times. But it seems to be the amazon fire box itself and is not consistent enough for me to troubleshoot it. Any idea. 

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Hi all

Ok so a URC remote will function with flirc and fire tv.   I assume that is a USB 2nd gen Fire TV box in order to use the Flirc with it.

I taught my URC 2054 to my Flirc and called it URC2054_config.fcfg when I saved the file in Flirc software. 

I saved the configuration file and loaded it to be sure it was on the flirc.  Then I quit the flirc setup program.  IS THIS THE CORRECT PROCEDURE?  Since you have a config file and can make up several of them how does Flirc store the one you want ?  Once you unplug the flirc from the computer and then plug it into the Fire TV box will it be USING that file only.  Or does it have a bunch of button presses from everything ever taught to it.

I had to use several profiles in Flirc software to get all the buttons.  I tried the remote while in fire tv and it does not work.

Any help.  I am not sure I am doing this right.

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I started this thread, but having moved from Amazon FireTV to Roku Ultra for streaming, I'm no longer using Flirc.

I recall lots of difficulty getting Flirc to work with Amazon FireTV but finally did get it to work.

Unfortunately,, it came undone over time - not sure why. I am constantly tinkering with a fairly elaborate home theater gear rack, so might have been moi.

Decided to abandon FireTV for Roku . . . wish I could help, but am now out-of-the loop.

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