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Hi all- I'm trying to record just the Windows button- just the basic press of the Windows key (between Ctrl+Alt)... It doesn't seem to be listed in the command line record options and the GUI seems to only want me to be able to use it for shortcuts like Windows+R, etc... What am I missing?

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Hey, I'm so sorry for my delay.

The windows key is a modifier key. I never imagined on anyone wanting to hit modifier keys by themselves. If you want to do this, you can do this with the commandline. In windows, the commandline is located in the Flirc installation directory. You'll have to open up the commandline utility.

Here is the command that you want:

flirc record_api 8 0

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Hey Thanks a bunch Jason! I'll try it when I get home.

In Windows 8- the Windows button is very heavily used and brings up the Metro overlay to launch /any/ app-- there is no more Start menu.

So far Windows 8 has been great for HTPC use... I would expect a lot more people to use it when it's finally released.

Thanks again!

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Windows 8 changed the functionality of the windows key a lot, so I think you should reconsider your stance of " I never imagined on anyone wanting to hit modifier keys by themselves." 


I found this thread, and control+escape will work just fine, but I was sitting there frustrated for a few minutes before looking it up. You would be doing other people a favor to make considerations for the start screen.

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