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Flirc is stay in disconnected OS X 10.12.1 Sierra


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i bought Flirc USB from ebay and when connected to my Mac (OS X 10.12.1 Sierra) stay in disconnected - Could not upgrade firmware. Contact support. It is the same on Windows 7 with manual driver install and Linux.

Bootldr v-1.-1.-1

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 14.07.18.png

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Actually the device is it with erased firmware as I see with flirc_util. How can I flash it?


Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 14.58.13.png

Can somebody upload firmware fw_1.0.bin (I will try to re-flash with flirc_util). This link is not working Link


Actually i figured out! With Flirc GUI for Windows Flirc.v1.4.4 it is working.

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Same issue here with Mac. When I disconnect the dongle and reinsert it, the GUI stops responding completely and I just get the spinning beachball and have to force quit.

Also, it appears to have wiped my Flirc config, as it no longer works with my Kodi box that it's been plugged into for about 3 years without issue.

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