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basic setup questions Harmony One + RPi3 + RasPlex


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I'm new at Flirc and am stumbling around a little. I've partially got the Flirc & Harmony One & Rasperry Pi3 working together to play a video through RasPlex on my Samsung TV. Eventually I'll be substituting my Epson projector through an a/v receiver for the TV, but for first steps I'm using this less involved setup.

Using information I got from another query on this forum (though maybe only partially understood) I added a new LG TV - which I don't own - to my Harmony One. I then set up an activity including that device plus the existing Samsung TV to a new 'Watch Plex on TV' activity. I should note that there are 2 TVs in that single activity, which didn't bother the Harmony One setup though it looks a little odd.

Then I turned to programming the Flirc through the Flirc GUI. First I started the activity, then I started mapping keys to the Flirc using the Kodi Controller (seemed like closest to Plex). This all went well until I hit a little stumbling block, namely the LG TV apparently doesn't have a Play or Stop button. Which makes sense, why should it? It's a TV right?

Finished Flirc setup, plugged it into the RPi3, and started the activity again. All is well in that I can move around in Plex, but of course I don't have a way to Stop or Pause the video because those keys weren't mapped.

With that long preamble, I finally come to these questions:

  1. Should I have picked some non-TV type of device? Like maybe a DVD player or something? 
  2. Barring that, is there some way to easily add Stop or Pause to my current setup? 



Mark M



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In the harmony software, under the flirc manufacturer, add the kodi device. Those keys are mostly the same and any that's not, you can record over. There are tons of keys there so you can associate them to your liking.

Or, you can simply add another device in the harmony, and in that activity, assign the keys to the new remote for the play/stop/pause.

Let me know if that makes sense.

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for your prompt reply!

I did what you suggested; first I had to pick a Device Type - I chose 'Media Center PC'. Then I picked Flirc as Manufacturer and Kodi as Model. This is the Harmony One, it doesn't seem to correspond exactly to what you said, or maybe I'm just misinterpreting.

It works, that's the main thing! 

I then decided I'd like to add some keyboard commands for Plex (in Rasplex = Plex Home Theater), which are here: PHT Keyboard Shortcuts. In case it helps anyone else, here's what I did:

I added another Media Center PC Device (Computer->Media Center PC->Microsoft->MCE Keyboard) to the Harmony One and added it to the activity I'd already set up for the Flirc on my tv. Then I added a custom button named 'H' and associated it with the 'H' key on the new Media Center PC MCE Keyboard. Finally I brought up the Flirc GUI and switched to the Keyboard controller and mapped the H key. That also worked.

So apparently it's okay to have multiple controllers associated with a single Flirc, which is very cool!

I'm going to continue playing around with this, but so far it's all good.

My only concern now is if I do decide to have multiple RPi3s in the same room, hooked up to the same a/v receiver, one Rpi3 for Rasplex, the other for Kodi, I have no idea how all the preceding will work without interfering with each other. The reason I first tried a TV I don't have is because yawor kindly suggested this as a way to support such a setup. I'm sure he's right, but now that I've gone down this path I don't know whether I can get back.

OTOH I'm having second thoughts about even trying. With PHT I have pretty much all I need for viewing my local media.


Mark M



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