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Flirc case and RPI3


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I've just read the Raspberry pi 3 model B has been released. Apart from the LED placemenent not much seem to have changed, so physically it should fit in the Flirc case probably with the same misallignment of the SOC and the heatsink as the RPI2.

But would the aluminum case block the Wifi and Bluetooth signal. can anyone test this? I would be grateful.


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I have seen a YouTube video though of a guy testing the Pi3, its built in wifi using a Flirc case and the wifi strength was very good.

If you place your Wifi router close to the case you would always get a great signal... In the Youtube video Nate never said anything about the environment so I would not rely on his statement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2z5UHCeu6o

It would be interesting if someone did a technical test to see how the signal quality differs with and without the case.

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