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USB on/of cycle


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Actualy I am not yet sure it Is a Firmware bug. But - lately when I plug in the flirc-dongle thing, it starts a cycle of device-found decive-removed allerts, and the device is never recognized. Anyone have an idear what might be the cause of this? and bette, how to change it! ;-)

Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5.

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Hi Hefsaard, Welcome to the Flirc forums,

Sorry you're having issues. It sounds like the device might be corrupted.

It may take a couple of tries but in the Flirc GUI, try clearing the configuration (file ---> clear configuration)

Pleasant regards,


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I worked just fine up until a few weeks ago. Only nag I had was that I occationlay had to remove the dongle and reinsert it to get windows to recognize it as a keyboard.

I will however try it on a linux laptop I have. First try indicates no errors, but then again I have yet to install any flirc software on it, so the test is rather simple. I suppose I could bring i to work and try on a win-box there.

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Hi, I have the same problem and was wondering if there is any solution to this?

My sweet little flirc worked fine for a while, then all of the sudden started to cycle through "usb device not recognized" messages. I first thought it was my windows 8 box, so I moved it back to my Windows 7 pc where I originally programmed it. Same thing there, also tried my work pc with Windows 8 (Dell Presision M6600) and an old Windows xp laptop (Dell D630). Handed it over to three of our developers running Ubuntu - none of them was able to get it to work, Flirc says disconnected in Ubuntu.

So - any suggestions?

-Ole Kristian

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