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Flirc and slingplayer compatibility


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Hi loving the little device but i have some problem with desktop slingplayer (a web tv that links with your cable box) and flirc compatibility. 

If i register single key (ie. "p"), the desktop slingplayer will respond with "p" command.

If i register multi key (ie. "ctrl + P), the desktop slingplayer will respond with "p" command only, and not "ctrl + P".

Im suspecting its a delayed key response and slingplayer sees it as 2 separate keys, cltrl then p.  

I've tried it on a text, and multi key register responds well. Just that in slingplayer it doesnt respond with multi key. 


Perhaps flirc can create a specific slingplayer remote that works well?  Thanks all. 


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I think I'll add some official support in the GUI for this. Help me out a bit so I can make sure I add the right stuff and it's fully stable.

Grab the latest GUI, 1.3.7, go to file->advanced, force firmware upgrade. 

You'll need to re-pair your keys. Pair ctrl+P again and then go to advanced and enable sequence modifiers. 

Let me know if that fixes it.

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