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I'm thinking of getting a few more flircs to control a couple of my plex media pc's.  I've been using a flirc in my bedroom now for a while and really like how it works!  For the living room and theater in the basement I was thinking of getting a couple xbox one remotes to use as the plex media remotes as they seem like they are very nice.  It looks like you can use the xbox one remote to control your sound as well but what I'm wondering is in order to do that do you actually need to have an xbox one hooked up to your system?  I'm guessing you do but thought maybe I'd ask if anyone out there has been able to do this?  I know I'd probably need an all in one like a harmony but I really like the look of the xbox one remote for this kind of use.  The backlit keys and just the over all look of a nice simple little well made media remote. 

Thanks in advance!

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I don't think you can use XBOne remote to control both XBOne and Flirc-equipped PC/device at the same time. Also I'm not really sure XBOne remote is a good choice for using with Flirc anyway - you need to search the forum to see if someone is already using one or if there are any problems with them working together.

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hello @pe4nut666 i have official xbox remote control. I need to set Inter- key delay to number " 7 " so i dot get continued key presses. If i pres up or down arrow in list it scroll very fast a bit then it stop it happen time to time its annoying i need set number 7 problem fixed but then i cant hold button to scroll at list. did you have same problem? what value you using Inter-key delay please?

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