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  1. hello @pe4nut666 i have official xbox remote control. I need to set Inter- key delay to number " 7 " so i dot get continued key presses. If i pres up or down arrow in list it scroll very fast a bit then it stop it happen time to time its annoying i need set number 7 problem fixed but then i cant hold button to scroll at list. did you have same problem? what value you using Inter-key delay please?
  2. i just trying this remote its official XBOX ONE REMOTE http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-One-Media-Remote/dp/B00IAVDPSA/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1453752710&sr=1-1&keywords=xbox+one+remote build quality is fantastic and it light up automatical if you grab it. worth try.
  3. so my options are: - android app remote - use other (or universal) remote - use CEC + flirc (flirc can be use for keys that are not used if i understand good) if you know any other let me know please :)
  4. Hello, recently i set up my Rpi2 with kodi. For control i want use my flirc. My TV have CEC support but i disabled CEC in TV as i feel flirc is faster. (using panasonic ST60 TV) how can i use flirc(pi2) and my regular TV(DVB-T) together if in same time?. flirc(Pi2) and TV receiving remote control inputs so i actually controlling two devices in same time (as they are close together)? Im inexperienced so sorry if i missing easy workaround here. Still figuring out HTPCs. Thanks!
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