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navigation within xbmc + mc7


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Could you elaborate a bit more

I am have created shortcut keys for both applications.

I guess to start them

my issue lies in navigation within both apps.

So you have both installed on same machine, you can start them with shortcut but navigation is different in MC7 (windows media center, or what?) and in xbmc

have I got this right?

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Ha ha, what timing. Burke posted a great guide of customising buttons. I'll admit I haven't tried the steps he wrote up (I've been busy and I don't have a windows computer) but its seems like a great solution for this usage.

I'll let Burke guide you (as he knows more) - If that's OK Burke?

Basically the solution would likely involve changing xbmc's keymaps.XML

Pleasant regards


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Ok then :)

Media center - haven't used taht in years :)

As far as I know there is not much what you can do with MC keys - but you can do a lot with xbmc (check my signature).

So what I would do is to assign keys that MC uses to XBMC and then program my remote accordingly.

For example - theoretically - lets say that MC uses "S" to stop media - while XBMC uses "X" for sama function,

now what you need to do is say to XBMC to use "S" for stop instead of "X" and then just program your remote to send "S"

when you press "stop" on your remote.

Go to how to section and reed through my how to - link in my signature.

If you need extra help just ask :)

I am 100% sure it can be dun ;)

@ Chris! yes but anyone is welcomed to help with their suggestion to! :)

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