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kodi controller: 2 keys not doing what they should


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hi everyone,

i am running kodi 15.2 on a win10 tronsmart ara x5.

so, flirc (v. 1.3.6) came in quite handy .. but i have issues with 2 buttons:

  1. shutdown: doesn't do anything
  2. fullscreen: actually minimizes my kodi into a windows window and back again to the fullscreen mode.. but does not get the streamed media to go on fullscreen

is it me.. or is the win implementation not doing what it should?

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Hi Speedy:  I've not had that problem since the Kodi interface wasn't an option when I set mine up, but I'd suggest just assigning those functions using the full keyboard :  backslash for FS/windowed and S for shutdown menu.  You'll have to erase those buttons first-- click the erase button on the flirc interface then push the button on the remote you wish to erase then record anew.  I hope that helps.

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Ad 1. It should open the shutdown menu in Kodi. I think it works only on the main screen. I'm not using this so this is just a wild guess.

Ad 2. Fullscreen actually does what it does: changes between windowed mode and fullscreen. It doesn't change the video ratio. I think you should try using "z" key which changes zoom and ratio modes.

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If you don't have a English keyboard configured in Windows the native keys in flirc firmware could be wrong for you. Reason is that they point to the physical postion of they keys on your keyboard and simulates it. If the used keyboard differs from standard English keyboard the wrong key is sent.

Just do as suggested, program the not working keys manually and it should work :-)

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hey guys,

i was just able to perform some tests... sooooo... the keyboard interface is the way to go!

following this page http://kodi.wiki/view/Keyboard_controls

for 1: shutdown

  • in the kodi interface is programmed "CTRL+END Exit Kodi (Only on Home Screen)" as yawor mentioned
  • what is needed is from the keyboard interface "S Shutdown menu "

for 2: fullscreen

  • in the kodi interface is programmed "\ backslash Toggle between fullscreen/windowed mode"
  • what is needed is  from the keyboard interface "Tab  Fullscreen playback"

i still think the kodi interface is done wrong,, at least for windows ..

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The problem is there's just no way to make everyone happy so the built-in profiles need to take many things into account and it is more that sure that some people would want some keys to be mapped differently. If Jason changed the current mapping for the keys like you mentioned in your post then there would be X people complaining that this broke their setups because they're using exactly this functionality (changing Kodi fullscreen mode as in switching between windowed and fullscreen etc).

You can threat the built-in profiles as a quick setup. It is OK for most people and some people probably will never even run Flirc GUI to change anything. On the other hand if you want something non-standard, if you want to squeeze a little more from Flirc and your remote then there's nothing stopping you from doing so. You can even disable the built-in profiles in Flirc entirely (in advanced settings) and record/map all the remote buttons yourself to almost anything you want. Also the recorded buttons take precedence over the built-in ones and remap only the buttons you want.

That's the beauty of Flirc - it's simple to start but doesn't lock the user and allows more advanced setups.

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ja, i totally agree  :)

.. and how i tried to point out.. this is now what works for me in windows.. i have not tried in adnroid, where i have no clue how the "Toggle between fullscreen/windowed mode" would behave ...

so, your explanation is just fine.. and i am not saying you need to change it .. ok, my wording might be a bit brutal with "wrong" ...

but maybe your explanation should be included in the manual.. cause your lines are actually very important

thanks for helping!


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I don't agree... :-)

There is several buttons that is mapped with the completly wrong keymap in the firmware, for example those below. I can't see that the wrong codes depends on the keyboard language setting. @yawor, do you mean those are correct and is working?

First of all I believe the keys mapped as standard by Kodi.org should also be default in the native profile. If someone want to change to something else they can easily do as described above. Source:http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard

Examples of wrong keymapps:

PowerOff    Ctrl+F12
SubtitleDelay    F4
AudioDelay    F3
BigStepBack    Down
BigStepForward    Up
Red    Shift+Ctrl+R
Green    Shift+Ctrl+G
Yellow    Shift+Ctrl+Y
Blue    Shift+Ctrl+B
Rewind    ?
SkipBack    R
Play    Ctrl+P
FastForward    ?
SkipForward    F


Here is some buttons missing in the flirc Harmony profile, they need to be added in both the Harmony database with new IR-codes and in flirc FW:

TV Channels
TV Recordings
TV Timers
Channel Up
Channel Down
Prev <--

Am I the only one missing correction of above wrong codes and addition of the missing??


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