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2 different buttons interpreted as the same button by "Flirc GUI" => "Button already exists"


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I have a problem for configuring my Flirc.

The "Up" et "Ok" buttons of my remote is interpreted has the same button by Flirc GUI App.

So I recrord first the "Up" button => OK
Then I record the "Ok" button => I got a error message "Button already exists".

Any idea of advice to solve my problem ?

Thank you !

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Two questions:  1)  The assigning of all the other buttons has gone as expected?

2)  To erase the buttons in question, you're first clicking "erase" on the Flirc GUI, then pressing the remote's "up" button and Flirc GUI says "erased!" and then you are doing the same thing with the "OK" button?  I only ask because when I first got mine I kept trying to erase by clicking the corresponding key on the Flirc GUI and not the remote. 

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