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New FLIRC Bricked


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I've just received my third FLIRC with Firmware 3.6.  When I tried to program it it acts like the keys are being programmed but when I tried using it with my remote, none of the keys worked.  I am using an Hauppaug 45 button remote.  I took the remote to a set already working and confirmed the remote worked with a FLIRC I already have.  I then decided to upgrade the working FLIRC (my mistake) and now it does the same thing, acts like it;s programming but nothing happens.  Hopefully the two devices can be "unbricked"

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Can you try plugging Flirc into different USB port and test if it works again? No need to reinstall anything or record again (if it already has some keys recorded). You can also try plugging Flirc into different PC. Please reply with your results.

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Neither FLIRC will operate correctly.  I program the keys from from the remote but they do not appear to take.  I try clearing the config and some keys still say "button already exists" when trying to record they key.  These being an RC6 style remote require the butto9n to memorized twice, the first press records but the second press does not with the error "button already exists".  I've tried different USB ports and different machines with the same results.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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