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Turn on Raspberry Pi After Shutdown with Flirc?

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Raspberry Pi doesn't have any power management feature so you can't control the power state using USB devices only (Flirc included). There are some projects that add power management to Flirc using additional circuit boards and connection to GPIO ports for communication. You can try searching for "raspberry pi power management" or "atxraspi". Some of those projects could work with Flirc SE as it has extra pins to control power switch.

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What you *CAN* do is solder a momentary pushbutton reset switch onto the Pi. This button will reset the Pi which should start it back up again after it has been shut down. When you shut it down, it still has power (hence the power light is still lit), but the cpu is in a halted state. A reset will tell the cpu to start loading instructions again.


It's not as nice as using an IR remote, but it sude beats unplugging the power and plugging it back in.

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Hi everybody,

I thought that flirc would be my solution but for the things I read in this threat I'm not sure. I'm using a Raspberry pi and there are 9 drives connected to it, you say to leave Raspberry on, but the problem is that drives will be on 24/7 and I don't like the idea at all. When I turn off Raspberry drives go off too and I just would like to turn Raspberry on through flirc but it seems that it won't. So best solution is to create a push button? the problems come with there's some solding involved...

Do you know other way?


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You can try configuring drives to go to sleep after some idle time (you need to consult with documentation or community of the distribution you're using on your RPi). In that state they will be still drawing some power but it should be a really small amount required for drive electronics to detect a request and spin the drives up. Also you're probably using a powered USB HUB because there's no way for RPi be able to power that many drives. Do you unplug the power from the HUB after shutting down the RPi? If not the HUB and the drives themselves still draw some amount of power.

Now regarding the power management. Flirc can't do something that the platform itself doesn't allow. There's no power management on the RPi board so plugging Flirc is not going to somehow add it. There are some external power management boards for the RPi and they maybe could work with Flirc-SE and there are some boards with IR input integrated. 

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