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PS4 + Max Shooter One + Harmony Smart Control + PS4 Controler + Onkyo Receiver


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So I am determined to control my PS4 and its Apps (Netflix, Hulu etc.) from my "universal" Harmony remote. I have everything -almost- working. The weak link seems to be the Flirc which is sending out keystrokes at random times and stopping movies etc. from playing. I use a IR blaster that from the Harmony Hub to the Flirc so that there is no chance of IR interference. My next step is to put a power filter on the setup to hopefully eliminate the flaky behaviour of the Flirc.


Anyone else trying to control their PS4?

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Here are the "settings". Is this what you need? If not, what command should I run.


The uploaded on this site wont let me upload the config file. can i send it to an email?


Recorded Keys:

Index  hash        key

-----  ---------   ---

    0  AD0E248D    h

    1  A827DC1    u

    2  1EDDA9CE    return

    3  CBD72E1A    f

    4  A0AB871A    up

    5  CB58A141    down

    6  5DB54866    left

    7  5DB5670D    right

    8  CB58A05A    space

    9  41A02A81    1

   10  41A41E01    2

   11  30D15701    3

   12  41A04841    4

   13  3B27A0CE    5

   14  3B23CB0E    6

   15  2AD3854E    7

   16  30D1561A    8

   17  BFD0CB9A    r

   18  EA7DE5C1    tab

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Hey there-  did you use the PS4 programming guide here on the site?


If those are the keys you recorded, what PS4 functions did you get out of the keys h, u, f, space, 1-8, r, and tab?


Those keys aren't recognized in the programming guide, and I think everybody would love to hear if new functions have been found.  (specifically, if anyone can find a way to map L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3, or turn on a PS4 with FLIRC)

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So the Key to this setup is the MaxShooter One. It allows control of the PS4 via keyboard commands, the thing is you have to leave a PS4 controller permanently connected to the MaxShooter for this to work. The Flirc is connected into the MaxShooter in the same place a Keyboard is usually connected. Its a bit of a crazy setup but it works. You can map L1, L2 etc. and all of the buttons on a PS4 to a Keyboard (the FLIRC).


This setup worked 99.9% of the time with the exception of the FLIRC sending random commands to the MaxShooter once in a while. These random commands would interrupt any movie/game being played on the PS4. Really annoying and I never was able to get it fixed.

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