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[PS2 Remote] anyone tried the ps2 dvd remote?


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I'm hoping to have these out sooner. The added demand from the xbmc.org article was great but it nearly killed me. The additional time I gave myself for the next build will help me figure out logistics. I don't want to spend that much time packaging /shipping/printing and cutting labels again. It was bitter sweet. :)

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I have a PS2 remote going to waste, anyone tried this on flirc?

I don't think anybody has, but from what i've read Sony remotes seem to have been fine with Flirc. Usually if any problems have occurred they are present across all of that manufacturers range (e.g. Xbox remote and MCE remotes share similar issues and are both microsoft remotes).

I reckon sony remotes would work - if you do get a Flirc be sure to test it and post your experiences (I can change the thread title to reflect whether it works if you want)

Pleasant regards


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