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HDMI CEC vs. Flirc USB connection lag in Raspberry Pi 2 model.


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Hi Chris, Jason and other forum members,

I have question regarding Raspberry Pi 2 compatibility. Few weeks ago I get new Raspberry Pi 2 model and get noticed that input lag through HDMI CEC, which have both devices (RPi2 and my SONY TV KDL-46HX750) significant more that RC work alone with TV only. When I connect my remote USB keyboard to device, speed of navigation in menus was improved a lot. My question: is it Flirc will work faster with RPi2 than with TV RC? Does it worth to buy because of these? Because now I very unlike how is it work when my keyboard work much faster than HDMI CEC technology trough cable.

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I think your TV is the cause of the CEC lag. I've been testing Kodi on RPi 1 with my LG TV and there was no lag at all when controlling over CEC. I also don't see any lag using Flirc and I like it much more than using CEC because it gives you ability use much more buttons on the remote and also you can customize controls almost anyway you want (there are some things that Flirc can't do yet like different functions for button long press).

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Yeah, saw that video, but hard to understand. About build in CEC button layout for RC, it's quiet good actually. I even have separate folders one colored button like Video/Photo/Music/and something other. But yeah, that lag not so big but still don't like it. So that why I wondering is it worth to buy it or not, does it improve these lag. But I saw also Jason comment that he try RPi2 with, so maybe he could tell it about something or any other who also have RPi2. 

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