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I have two Openelec boxes, one running in the living room and one in the bedroom. I used to run both with a pair of old clunky MCE remotes with USB IR receivers.
Last year I decided to try replacing the MCE remote in the bedroom with a FLIRC and a One For All URC 7960. I was very impressed. So easy to set up and use. Awesome!

So a while later I decided to do the same with the living room. However this one did not respond well at all. Sometimes a button press would work and sometimes it wouldn't. (Sometimes contorting myself into some advanced yoga positions seemed to help.)
I did a little general (non FLIRC) research and there was some mention of interference from large plasma displays (mine is in fact a 50 inch plasma) and so I tried the hack of putting masking tape over the FLIRC. This seemed to improve things a little but still involved some less advanced yoga positions.
So just to be certain I swapped the FLIRCs between the two rooms. I fully expected since the interference was from the TV in the living-room that moving the FLIRC from the bedroom to the living-room would result in no improvement...

... however... the problems followed to TV in the bedroom. (The remotes were never swapped so I have discounted them).

Both are using the same remote and same config. I even saved the config from the first one to apply to the second to save time so they were exactly the same. I have since reprogrammed the problem FLIRC manually during my troubleshooting.


So before returning the second FLIRC I thought I would ask if anyone has had similar issues? Have I missed anything? Anything I havn't tried?



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