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Controlling a headless instance of Squeezeslave/Squeezelite on a Pi


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I have a Raspberry Pi (with HiFiBerry Digi) running Squeezeslave. This is connected to my amp and I'd like to be able to control everything with my Harmony.


I have a FLIRC, but am at a loss as to how to send commands from FLIRC to either Squeezeslave or Squeezelite running as daemons. I think I understand that FLIRC appears as a keyboard... so maybe a my more general question is how do I send keyboard commands to a daemon?




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This is more of a OS-level issue than Flirc one. I think you would get more answers from Squeezeslave/lite community. I don't even know how those daemons can be controlled remotely. Does they have a TCP or Unix socket open that allows to receive commands? Is there some CLI command that is able to send commands to the daemon?


You may want to look at triggerhappy daemon. It has ability to capture input events and execute scripts/binaries assigned to specific key combinations. That way you can separate the issue from the Flirc/keyboard input itself and work out a way to control your daemons :rolleyes: with some scripting.

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To be honest I didn't know that Raspbian had thd installed by default either. Good job connecting everything. If you have time please post some more details on the setup you've came up with - it may be helpful if someone comes here with similar question :).

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