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  1. I have a Flirc attached to a Raspberry Pi running piCorePlayer. I use a Harmony Hub and would like to be able to control the device. One of the authors of piCorePlayer provides a config file for the Flirc, except that it is for v1.2.6. Even with the most recent version of Flirc, I am unable to load the config file (http://forums.slimdevices.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18692&d=1440854940). Would appreciate any guidance... cheers, J.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion... didn't realize that Raspbian had thd running by default. With a little scripting magic, I've now got it working the way I wanted. cheers, S
  3. I have a Raspberry Pi (with HiFiBerry Digi) running Squeezeslave. This is connected to my amp and I'd like to be able to control everything with my Harmony. I have a FLIRC, but am at a loss as to how to send commands from FLIRC to either Squeezeslave or Squeezelite running as daemons. I think I understand that FLIRC appears as a keyboard... so maybe a my more general question is how do I send keyboard commands to a daemon? cheers, J.
  4. If I understand correcltly, FLIRC identifies itself as a keyboard to a device when plugged in–this is part of its genius. I'm running Raspbmc and have a Harmony Hub; I've added the FLIRC profile and am able to navigate/control playback perfectly. I'm now looking to be able to run a specific add-on script in XBMC from a single button press on my remote. Looking through the Harmony buttons, it looks like my coloured (red, yellow, green, blue) buttons are currently "unmapped". Do I need to add a keyboard.xml or remote.xml to my userdata/keymaps/ folder? I would assume it would be keyboard.xml as the FLIRC is technically a kebyoard... The contents of my .xml would be: <keymap> <global> <remote> <blue>RunScript(script.xsqueeze)</blue> </remote> </global> </keymap> Many thanks, J.
  5. I think that's what I was looking for... thanks. I've got 1 other question, but I'll start another thread for it. cheers, J.
  6. I think I understood that... I guess my question is more XBMC related: is there a way to create a "shortcut" to launch an add-on? I'm looking to be able to launch an add-on (XSqueeze) with a single key press.
  7. I've just "installed" my FLIRC on my Raspbmc set-up. After setting it up to work with my Harmony Hub, all is good! There is only one thing I cannot figure out... not sure if it is a FLIRC or XBMC question. In XBMC, I've installed the XSqueeze add-on to use my Raspbmc connected to my receiver as a Squeezebox player; works great. I cannot, however, figure out how to use the Activities set-up in MyHarmony to launch XSqueeze when I press the "Music" button on my Harmony remote. Is there a way to map an XBMC Add-on or Favourite to a remote (IR) command?
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