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With 3.5 it´s not possible to "Wake Up" my Computer


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Thank you Massaguana, if you would like to revert, I will help you. I'm very sorry, I did see your message on twitter, and I am aware of the forum described above. With only 3 people out of total units, I have to say this is more of an anomaly than something serious. And being a one man show, I have to be extremely careful with where I spend my time right now. It's so limited. I do intend on looking at this. I have a handful of items I'm working on in the next release candidate and this unfortunately isn't one them.


Again, I can help you downgrade for the time being, but I really want to be honest and open. I always intended on putting together a website that shows bug and feature status so that people know things are moving forward. 


Check out my git commit graph of how active things are. (Keep in mind, this is outside of sales, marketing, support, shipping, manufacturing, rma's, my full time job, and a baby) Just one piece of the puzzle. I am at the point now where I don't have any free time. And if I do take some free time, I end up paying for it with no sleep, or high stress.

Please accept my apologies, and let me know if downgrading is an option in the short term.


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