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Actions for activity switching

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I really like the remote and I have things setup mostly how I want, it's just changing between the activities that feels wrong. It could be so right if I could run some actions when changing (A,B,C buttons), but I've had to assign actions to buttons 1,2,3 on each activity and press one of those as well as the activity switch each time, which is maybe okay for me to deal with, but I know that any guests are going to struggle :)

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This is what is missing for me, just to have an action triggered when pressing the activity buttons, so we can switch the inputs (and other things people might need to switch!).

I have two activities A) TV+Roku box on HDMI 1, and B) TV+Kodi box on HDMI 2. My TV remote has specific input commands, so would be ideal to just add the 'input HDMI 1' button to the activity A button, and 'input HDMI 2' button to activity B button.


Would help family acceptance as it would be so simple to switch, without needing workarounds with having to switch activity then press another button to switch input..

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