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WMC Remote (via Harmony 650) Issues


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Hi, trying to get a WMC remote to work well with FLIRC.  I am using a Harmony 650 with a Media Center PC profile.  Issues I am having are the keys seem to be at a tiny bit of a delay and/or I have to press twice to get the action to happen (up, down, etc.).  Sometimes it doesn't work at all.  WMC remotes are pretty popular so I was hoping there would be some good guidance on the forums but couldn't find anything that helped.  I also played with interkey-delay and moving the HTPC/Flirc into a cabinet under and away from the TV...no difference.


Does anybody have a similar setup working correctly and/or some suggestions to improve the situation?



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Not sure that is my exact issue.  So I did some more testing with just up/down arrows and the behavior seems to be a little less sporadic since I reset everything. 


When I press up, I need to press twice and then it will advance 1.  This is with the interkey delay at 3.

If I change interkey delay to 2 or less, I have to press twice for anything to happen but it happens twice...i.e. advances 2.

If interkey delay is 3 or more, I am back to the original issue.


I set the interkey delay at the default 100 ms in the Logitech setup, and repeats are at 3 (the maximum).


Any advice?

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OK, I was able to program the rest of the remote and programming twice seemed to do the trick.  Only the go back (circular arrow) key in the WMC GUI profile gave me an issue.  It said the key was already programmed and didn't seem to like accepting programming twice. None of the other keys exhibited this behavior...not sure if this is user error or a bug somewhere.

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