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InterKey Delay Not Working ??


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I have been using Flirc with the same Remote for about 2 years now without major issues. Todayb i updated to latest version 1.3.0 from 1.2.9 and i cannot make remote repeat keypresses. I used to have interkey delay between 3-4 between version updates now is not repeating anywhere between 0-6

I have this remote http://www.oneforall.co.uk/universal-remotes/urc7960-smartcontrol.html on a win7 machine

Any ideas are welcome . I do not know if i could downgrade firmware so i wait for suggestions

Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas to all

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I noticed something similar with the newest firmware.  It was updated to prevent others that were getting a lot of phantom or repeat keypresses.  Now I don't get repeats when I hold the button, but if I manually repeat the keypresses it works pretty well.  previously I had some repeat keypresses so the new firmware seems more predictable, but I'm having the same issue you are.


If Jason makes a new beta firmware to address this, I'll test with my Harmony on the Roku profile. 

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