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Hey all!...


I want to order 3 FLIRC's In one shipment but the site won't let me.


Only if i order 1 FLIRC it's possible to order to my country. why is that?

Will it be possible to order 3 item's in one shipment?
The site tolled me to contact the sales department but the mail there is: sales@mystoredotcom (not a real mail) so i wrote here...
Thank you,
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Ah, Israel. Jason no longer ships them outside of the US, when you click on your cart (https://flirc.tv/cart/) you will see a banner: " Not in the US? Order directly from an authorized distributor "


Check out our list of authorised distributors here: http://www.flirc.tv/distributors/

They'll get it to you quicker than through Jason


I'll talk to Jason about maybe changing the check out to avoid confusion - sorry about that

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Well thank you for your answer... I didn't notice that.... may bad :/


Any way....I just don't get it, why can i ship 1 item per order and not more? if you already accept orders to ship to Israel, you just need to add more to the package it's not that big of a package...


So i just order 2 times in 2 different orders on the site because in all the other sites is more expansive for me.


Thank you for your help. Appreciate it.

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