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First of all: Flirc is great! Thanks to Jason for pulling this together.


Secondly: I may not be as great. I've read a lot, but probably not quite understood the concept for how to program/configure Flirc.


I want to control an OpenELEC machine with a Harmony through Flirc. Select XBMC preset (Firmware 2.3), plug Flirc into my OpenElec machine, select Flirc, XBMC in the Harmony software. Works. Yay!


Now about the details: I want to add a key to the Flirc layout, so that I can assign that key a special function in XBMC. I don't want to change any of the existing keys, but add a new one. I actually don't even care which one it would be, because I can assign any function to that key in keymap.xml. But I cannot find a function in the Flirc config program (Windows, version 1.3) with which I could add a key to the XBMC layout...?


Say I want to add F4 to the XBMC setup so that I can then add a function for F4. How would that work, conceptually?


Thanks much!

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