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Atlas cable remote stopped working after FW upgrade to 3.1


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This is the remote:



Pretty sure I was running 1.2.6 for a while, about 95% happy, and it prompted for 1.2.9 - Great, I thought: everything looks better, and maybe I'll get to 99%.



Now, with FW 3.1 installed, it seems our remote got left on the side of the road - Every button is recognized as the same button which of course makes it impossible to use or program.




I've reflashed a half-dozen times, wiped the config, tried different settings, flashed on another computer and so on.

At this stage, I'd be happy to just downgrade, but 1.2.6 doesn't want to flash the flirc at all.


I even thought about digging the .bin out of 1.2.6 and attempting to do it with flirt_util, but could not find the bin.



Attached the config where every button responds as though I pressed "right" (the first button I programmed).
Willing to: run any commands and report results, do team view, pass along any files, etc


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Don't worry, I'll get it fixed. Let me see if I can get this remote on my harmony to reproduce it, if not, I'll order another one. In the mean time, do you want to downgrade? Just send me an email, I don't have any good tool to do it, but I'll walk you through it.

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