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Remote not working after Ubuntu/XBMC reinstall


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A few moths ago, I purchased Flirc and programmed it on my windows machine using the Panasonic TV profile as posted at 


Plugged the Flicr dongle into my XBMCBUNTU machine and everything worked great. Best gadget I have ever purchased.


I have since had to reinstall XBMC on that machine and instead of using XBMCBUNTU like I originally did, I installed Ubuntu and added the xbmc packages. I was expecting to just plug the Flicr dongle in and it would work just like before since the programming is contained on the dongle, but it now does nothing. The remote is sending the command(based on the feedback indicator on the remote), but I get no response on the XBMC machine. 


I did the obvious things:

1. Add 'deb http://apt.flirc.tv/arch/i386 binary/' to /etc/apt/sources.list 

2. apt-get update 
3. apt-get install flirc

Enabled the 'remote sends keyboard commands' option within the XBMC configuration.


Was there some other step that I had forgotten or overlooked that was part of the XBMCBuntu install that would be missing by installing the full OS?

I have ran out of ideas of what to check, where to look, etc


Any suggestions? 



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# output from flirc_util command
flirc_util version v1.2.6 [v1.2.6]
  Booloader: v2.0
  delete         Delete next remote button flirc sees from saved database
  delete_index   Delete button at index displayed in `flirc_util settings`
  dfu            Kick in or out of Device Firmware Upgrade mode
  dump           Dumps contents of eeprom to console
  format         Remove all saved buttons from flirc
  help           Show this help. Also try `help <command>`
  interkey_delay Test run command
  keys           Shows the recorded remote keys and their pairings
  loadconfig     Load configuration file from disk to flirc
  noise_canceler Noise canceler to prevent phantom presses
  normal         Put flirc in normal user mode
  peek           Peek EEPROM address
  profiles       enable or disable built in profiles
  reboot         Displays all the devices current settings
  record         Record infrared buttons and link them to HID keys
  record_api     Advanced button recording
  saveconfig     Save configuration file to disk
  settings       Displays all the devices current settings
  sleep_detect   Turns on sleep/suspend detection
  space          Displays information about the space used and remaining
  status         Last Flirc Status
  upgrade        Uploads new firmware image to flirc hardware
  version        Print the application version and device version if connected
  wait           Waits for the device to be plugged in (used for scripting)
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That was it !!!!  Connect the dongle to my windows machine and started the GUI - a few moments later it indicated the firmware update and I was up and running again. No additional programming needed.


Thanks Jason


#output from flirc_util command

flirc_util version v1.2.6 [v1.2.6]
  Firmware: v2.6
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