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Dongle Not Working in a different USB port


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Hi Jason!

This is a weird one,,,

check this out!

using FLIRC's GUI,

I've done the mapping while my FLIRC dongle was plugged in front USB#1 port...

now i tried to navigate XBMC's menu and its working ok,,,

apart from the fact that i have to double-tap buttons on my harmony650

so something moves/reacts on the screen but anyways...

Now, i decided to place my FLIRC dongle in front USB#2 port...

after that, nothing works!! nothing reacts on screen no matter what!

but if i replace the FLIRC dongle back into front USB#1 port,

walla! Its starts to work again!!

anyone of you guys have noticed a similar behavior as i did??

ok thanks :)

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I think I can explain this. Which remote profile are you using?

I believe this double key remote profile is one of those microsoft remotes that use the non standard frequency, 56kHz.

38kHz is the frequency most remotes use, which is the center frequency for flirc.

While I played some tricks to get flirc to work at 56kHz, the placement from the front of the computer, to the back of the computer, will actually have slightly different frequency drifts, changing the unique pattern associated with a button. Does that make sense?

Try changing the remote to a samsung, panasonic, etc. I don't believe this issue will persist.

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well, i can try to use FLIRC's GUI in FULL KEYBOARD mode

and set my HArmony650 to emulate my SAMSUNG's HDTV remote,,,

i'll get back to you with findings...

but still, main issue in this thread is the fact that if i move my FLIRC dongle

in another port, it acts like its dead... nothing works

till its placed back on the USB port it was on when it got configured...


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USB port bug i described in first post appears to be unique to MICROSOFT profiles!!

That being said, i think we should warn FLIRC users to NOT USE microsoft profiles at all!!

But in return, we should find which profile to use when using a Harmony remote!!

once we find which Harmony profile works %100, then, we'll have to tell everybody!!

so far, SAMSUNG profile gives me mapping issues as described in another thread i've made...

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Agreed, microsoft profiles seem rather, estranged to FLIRC.

At the moment I've had good success with the plex profile (manufacturer: plex model: plex player) though it would be nice if we didn't have to use the plex profile, especially as I suspect a lot of users are using xbmc :).

Of course if it got far enough we could always ask harmony to create a FLIRC profile (to ensure all key presses are consistant and recognised by FLIRC) but i'll leave that idea for a while.

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the 'Dongle Not Working in a different USB port' issue

described in post#1 should be in your sticky too!

and also, i mean, u can use literally any profile (except Microsoft)

becuz the mapping is done using FLIRC's GUI...

so i dont care if i have to use

manufacturer: plex

model: plex player

in order to have my harmony working correctly..

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