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amazon fire TV and MCE = double key press in software?


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Got an amazon fire TV UK version.  Got an office version 1 MCE remote (not branded HP or lenvo but an official MS one).


use Mac with Yosemite to update to version 3.1 firmware and then learn keys from MCE remote.  Put device into Amazon Fire TV and any button on the mce remote registers as multi key press.  i.e. left on MCE = Left Left or screen.


Went into the FILRC software GUI and changed Inter-key delay to diferent settings but this just increased or decreased the number of repeating key presses.  No setting, 1 through to 6 would prevent/stop the reapeating key issue.


Anyone got any suggestion?

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noise canceler and Inter-key delay = 0 helped but still get a few mutli-key presses its like I need Inter-key delay = -2 to make it perfect.



Also more wiredness I have to program each button twice in the GUI?  Clear configuration and force upgrade firmware does nothing.  The device still have the same buttons mapped.

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For the harmony check out this help article:  https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202819236


For the having to record each button twice that is actually how some remotes work to prevent double key presses, they send 2 codes alternating and you will have to record that twice in the GUI for those types of remotes.

Already made this setting, did not help out, sorry :/

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